Fast food chain Arby”s made an “oopsie” when it forgot to feature Pepsi beverages in a commercial. Pepsi was supposed to be part of two Arby”s commercials, as per contractual obligations, but Arby”s mistakenly left the beverage out of a commercial.

To fix its mistake, Arby”s ended up creating this amazing ad, which is probably the funniest commercial for soda ever aired. It”s also an incredibly honest and straightforward commercial.

(Source: Arby”s)

Along with this adorable apology, Arby”s official YouTube account also responded on its channel, saying, “We love you Pepsi. You”re like a meat to us.”

That”s some of the most clever advertising I”ve seen all year. Now excuse me, but I”m off to Arby”s to buy a bottle of Pepsi…

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