If you”re a film buff, you might want to do more than just watch the movies. You might want to relive them, or at least some of their iconic scenes. Unfortunately, most of the scenery from many of your favorite films is now packed off in some warehouse on an unknown movie lot or is locked away in a museum somewhere.

What”s a film fan to do? Well, luckily for you, there are plenty of places you can visit around the country (okay, mainly in New York and Los Angeles) that are totally free to walk up to and snap a picture.

1. Take a magical train at King”s Cross Station

Take a magical train at King

The famed, magical Platform 9 3/4 that allowed Harry Potter and his friends to enter the wizarding school of Hogwarts has come alive in this recreation, complete with vanishing shopping cart. We do not recommend running full force at the wall, though.

2. Eat breakfast at Tiffany”s

Eat breakfast at Tiffany

Tiffany”s is located in New York City on 5th Avenue and 57th Street. It is the site of the famous opening scene from the Audrey Hepburn classic, which sees Audrey in her iconic LBD snacking on a croissant while window shopping. It”s a popularnot to mention easydestination for movie fans and jewelry shoppers alike. It”s also free (unless you want to buy some jewelry).

3. Bust a ghost at this fire station

Bust a ghost at this fire station

On North Moore Street in Lower Manhattan is a fire station known as 8 Hook and Ladder. You might recognize the building as the headquarters of Bill Murray”s ghost-catching business in Ghostbusters. The building was only used for the exterior shots, but there is a Ghostbusters badge painted on the sidewalk outside.

4. Eat Lenny”s Pizza

Eat Lenny

Countless movies have been filmed in New York, but some go further afield than the usual tourist destinations. Lenny”s Pizza in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, is featured in the opening shots of Saturday Night Fever. To this day, signed photos of John Travolta adorn the interior. This location is a bit of a trip from Manhattan, but if you”re a die-hard fan, it”s worth it.

5. Experience life like a box of chocolates

Experience life like a box of chocolates

The bench where Forrest Gump tells the tale of his fantastical life was actually placed at its location in Savannah, GA, specifically for the film, and removed when shooting was over. It would have been on the north side of Chippewa Square, just to the left of this sign.

6. Go back to the future by going to high school

Go back to the future by going to high school

Marty McFly”s alma mater is actually Whittier High School in Whittier, CA. It underwent renovations since the filming of the movie, though. And we suggest that, if you”re going to go for a photo-op, go when there aren”t students around. Pointing cameras at strange children is generally considered creepy.

7. Get musical at this other high school

Get musical at this other high school

The school featured in Grease is actually Venice High School in Los Angeles, where you can still see the bleachers from the “Summer Nights” number, as well as the same entranceway.

8. Possibly prevent the annihilation of all humans

Possibly prevent the annihilation of all humans

Also located in Los Angeles, the Griffith Park Observatory is the place where a time-traveling Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in The Terminator. But that”s not all. This is also one of the filming locations of Rebel Without a Cause, and features a statue of James Dean.

9. Have yourself a cup of red rum

Have yourself a cup of red rum

If you”re looking for a spookier destination, check out the Timberline Lodge in Mount Hood, Oregon. It serves as the exterior location for The Shining“s Overlook Hotel. The interior was filmed elsewhere, and no, the grounds do not include a giant hedge mazethat was built on a film set.

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So while you might not travel to New York, Los Angeles, or London specifically for these sights, they”re fun little extras to keep in mind if you do end up taking a trip. Just be sure to be a polite tourist and not to wear out your Instagram followers with too many filters.



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